Gravity Forms Plugin – Amazing & Useful Features

Gravity forms is an amazing and a perfect plug-in for the use of multiple forms. It is also considered to be the best WordPress plugins for forms. Forms in this case are an equivalent to papers same as application forms we fill out, only that Gravity Forms are more of virtual than hard copies. Forms have become a necessity now more than ever. So if you want to be a part of the competitive world do download this plug-in.

Features of Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

There is lot of amazing features to use this plug-in as it helps you enhance work better. It also has new form settings pages, which is another good reason of why you should buy this. Gravity forms is for these reasons that forms are created for purposes of making online orders, getting feedback or contact information and so on. It comes in three License packages: Personal, Business and Developer packages.

It also allows creating both- multiple and simple forms. it’s more of virtual than hard copies.

There are different numbers of fields that a form may have, and this is another feature making the plugin a favorite. You may choose among the standard fields that include single line texts, Drop down, Multiple-choice fields etc. One may also choose fields among the advanced field category.

The entry management feature of Gravity forms is a unique one, presenting a dynamic way of storing various entries made at particular times, making management easier. Through the dashboard, the account owner can access the entries made and edit, view and annotate them using the Entry Manager.

Form Builder – Quickly build and design your WordPress forms using the form editor. Select your fields, configure your options, and easily embed forms on your WordPress powered site using the built in tools. This forms includes unique elements such ash multi-page forms, form settings , limit entries, advanced fields, schedule forms, standard fields, pricing fields and post fields.

Form Fields – Gravity Forms brings a wide variety of form field inputs to your fingertips and trust us, your fingertips will thank you. Pick and choose which fields you want to use using the easy to use form editor. This forms contains powerful fields like Standard Fields, Advanced Fields, Post Fields, Pricing Fields.

Other Amazing Features

Some of the other Gravity Forms Features and Benefits

  • Conditional Form Fields
  • Email Notification Routing
  • Enhanced Post Custom Fields
  • Enhanced Address Field
  • Validation for Multiple
  • Dynamic Field Population
  • Bulk Add and Predefined
  • Create Autoresponder Emails to Users
  • Integrate with Other Plugins Using Hooks
  • View Entry Summaries from the WordPress
  • Seamless Integration with WordPress 3.
  • Easily Embed a Form into Posts & Pages
  • Form Scheduling
  • Limit Form Entries
  • Respond To Entries From WordPress
  • Role Management Integration

Final Thoughts

Therefore an amazing buys and completely worth it as you will definitely love this plug-in. as it has super amazing features and so many multiple form advantages. It’s definitely of a great help in word press. So what are you waiting for, just grab the plug-in and work a hands on the plug-in. do go through the website and plan the best buy!

Gravity Forms Discount Code

Finally, we also bring you some of the best and working Discount code for Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin.

1. Form Builder

It quickly designs your WordPess using the form editor. Select your fields, configure it and embed your forms in your site using built-in tools

2. Multi Page Forms

This feature allows you to break your form into multiple pages and also lets you know where is the progress

3. Form Settings

Easily one can change and configure the settings such as title, description etc.

4. Limit Entries

Easily control the number of entries which your form will accept and will display a message that the limit is restricted.

5. Advanced Fields

It helps in capturing names, addresses and even phone numbers to email ids. These fields just make your work easy.

6. Schedule Forms

This is where we can set a start date and an end date and create a display of custom message when the form is expired.

7. Standard Fields

You don’t need to type a field its already available in all the major form field types.

8. Pricing Fields

This helps us create order forms consisting of pricing fields and allow making orders on product.

9. Post Fields

Its easy to create a form which creates post in word press on your site. They are perfect for user- generated content.